Creative, Strategic, And Ready to Make Things Happen!

Gigi Gaudet has worked as a marketing consultant for Empiriko Corporation, a biotech company focused on early disease detection, prognosis and monitoring of high-risk patients in the area of CVD, TB and Cancer. Her responsibilities included helping us refine our messaging/positioning, and generating qualified leads for potential investors. She is an extremely hard working professional who believes in delivering high quality services. She is creative and strategic but is not afraid to roll up her sleeves. Gigi is very unique in her ability to make things happen and relentless in her approach. I highly recommend Gigi for high level, strategic marketing roles because she will be a great asset to your team.

Pam Randhawa, CEO
Empiriko Corporation

I have been a Business Executive for almost 35 years and have been a CEO of three major Digital Media companies that have either gone public on the NYSE or been acquired by International Investors. In that capacity, I met Gigi in 2000. She is an experienced business woman who is highly intelligent, extremely motivated to keep growing and learning and a strategic Marketer.

At QualityHealth.com, Gigi was a Business Development Executive who helped our company across multiple categories: Consumer Packaged Goods, Direct Response and Health and Pharma.
Gigi is a team leader who seeks out ways to provide cultural change and understand the Consumer. The same talents she employed to help grow the QualityHealth.com business can certainly be applied to accelerate growth for a wide variety of businesses.

Helene Monat, Co-Founder
Integral Ad Science

Gigi held the record, year after year, for generating the highest volume of revenue from CPG, consumer packaged goods, accounts. She opened new accounts, worked with client brand and research teams and signed multi-year, million-dollar accounts with such fortune 500 companies as The Procter & Gamble Company, Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Merck and McNeil.

GiGi's performance was so positive that I hired her again at Cavendish Global, an organization that connected early stage biotech firms to impact investors, capital investment firms, and philanthropists. Gigi articulated the vision to biotech CEO's, signing biotech firms and quickly becoming the top performer.

Chris Hulse, Chief Digital Officer
BlueLine Rental

Gigi Gaudet was at the forefront of interactive digital advertising when she handled marketing at QS24. She helped consumers and marketers forge multilevel relationships that weren't conceivable before. I have seen Ignition Group apply the same forward-thinking, knowledge of the media and advertising technology ecosystem and strategic thought process to help numerous marketers carve their position in the marketplace and create competitive advantage.

Melissa Marici, CEO
The Marketing House