Targeting & Media Strategy

Identify, reach and engage your “real” target audience to build your business and drive sales.
Seamlessly connect with your target audiences across every channel, on every device, whenever
and wherever they are, in the most meaningful way.

CEO Coaching & Equity Building

Every good company strategy should include CEO coaching and equity building. This may include:

  • Access to One-on-One Coaching
  • Access to One-on-One Strategy Sessions
  • Speaking Engagements
  • "Ideation"
  • Building Brand Awareness & Establishing Positive Perceptions
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Did You Know?

Digital drives TV ROI

TV drives digital ROI

Nearly all adults have their mobile devices in hand or within hand’s reach when viewing television

At least 94% of searches are conducted on mobile devices

91% of TV watching is still done live?

ALL the tech giants including Amazon, Netflix,, Uber and, yes,
even Google rely on, guess what, traditional TV advertising to promote their brands!

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The relationship between TV and digital drives home the conviction that omnichannel marketing is a necessity.
Ignition Group USA develops and deploys strategic media across digital and traditional channels that enable your brands to reach and truly engage your core target audiences, and thus drive sales.
Why Ignition Group USA? Because we understand the interdependent relationship between traditional media and
digital media.
Why else would you use Ignition Group USA over other media buying and planning agencies?
Because we take strategy a giant step further with digital target marketing platforms.

Beyond planning and buying media, we’ll develop a fully customized digital target marketing platform
to enable you to identify, reach and engage the pinnacle, highest potential customer/consumer of your brand. Take a
look at our platform, TheHealthAudience, designed to enable pharmaceutical marketers to identify, reach and engage
prospective patients and consumers of prescription products. In our customized platforms, we layer at least 7 seven
unique technologies, all of which work in concert to ultimately enable you to reach your audience and sell to them.
Some highlights of the technologies encompassed within a digital target marketing platform are detailed below.
Semantic: Sophisticated algorithms pick up and decipher strings of text to determine precisely that which the
consumer is reading about, without the use of cookies! Hence, if we are working with a jeweler and the word
“diamond” appears for example, the platform determines if that consumer is reading about Neil Diamond, a baseball
diamond and a diamond ring. If the consumer is reading about a diamond ring, your ad is rendered in real time.
Behavioral targeting: Renders ads based on recency, frequency and duration of the consumer’s online behavior. In
this manner, we look at the sites the consumer has visited, how frequently the consumer has visited that site and how
long the consumer remained on that site. This, unlike semantic, is a cookie based technology.
Keyword search: Here we rendered ads based on the consumer or prospects key word and key phrase searches.

Demographic Overlays: Naturally, we can overlay demographic data such as age, income and presence of children.
Purchase Behavior: Yes, we can even overlay offline purchase behavior.